I adore capturing beauty, emotions and life stories.

Every phase of our lives tells a story of where we are currently at.

In the ebb and flow spectrum of energetics, it doesn't matter where you are at, walking away with a photo to capture this moment, is priceless.

Being able to look back and hold reverence for this time in your life... is a powerful thing.

Feeling grief, love, empowerment, creativity, challenges, dark feminine energy, alignment, wonder... every chapter contains beauty. Every chapter contains your story of growth.

I invite you to want to be seen.

I invite you to think about your life and write down 10 ideas for photographs, ways that would best describe you and what you represent or ways that you desire to be seen. Let your brain run wild. Be creative with it. Let your imagination flow.

And maybe... once you complete this practice, you'll find there's a part of you left unexpressed, a part of you that you know is hidden and it wants to make itself known. Add this part of you to the this and we will work hard to discover it - together.

Cough Cough... Wild Woman Photoshoot!

Every chapter of your life deserves to be captured with respect and beauty. Let me do that for you.

I currently am offering 4 types of photoshots (which you'll find on my Portfolio page): Wild Woman Photoshoots, Goddess Ceremony Photoshoots, Business Photoshoots, and Self-Love Photoshoots. Browse away and message me when you're done.

My belief is that every person should be framed in the moments where they feel authentically themselves.
We are all at different phases of life. Each phase has unique beauty within.

My Work Style

I'd say it's a mixture of modern meets romantic with a lot of natural light. I love style, emotion, love, vibrancy, nature, and beauty. I love authentic moments, chasing sunlight, natural beauty, just loving yourself and life.

“What I love about Photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”


"I had the privilege of having my professional music, sexy boudoir, and women’s circle photos by the talented and thoughtful Mandy! I absolutely cannot recommend another photographer who is more easy-going/flexible, fun, focused/committed and gifted in bringing out the very best in others.

Mandy can easily spot the beauty in all her subjects and completely captures the moment with such ease and grace. When we were shooting, she made me feel sooooo comfortable and good about myself telling me I was “such a babe” which totally got me smiling!!!!!!

Thank you Mandy for the ultra talented but also incredibly personable woman you are!!!!!!!! I can’t wait until our next photo shoot!"

By Emily Goodwin